Types of Bettors Often Found in Qiu Qiu

1. Daily Low Risk Bettor

We will start betting today with daily low risk bettors. This type of bettor is a bettor who bets with a low nominal on low-risk battles and odds. In other words, low-risk bettors prefer to bet shyly and don’t dare to take big risks. On the other hand, this daily low better can minimize the losses received if you lose. So the money will not disappear quickly.

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But if you win, the money received is also very little. Betting small on low odds matches is an activity suitable for the long term. Because playing just a few days is not guaranteed. To get the maximum profit, you must play consistently. Do not change the amount of bets placed on Qiu Qiu. Because this will change your profits and make you a bettor with inconsistent income.

2. Moderate Risk Bettor

Bettors with moderate risk know how to manage money and balances well. The meaning of a moderate bettor is a bettor who dares to take the opportunity if there is one, and a bettor who also plays it safe if the risk is inadequate. You can choose moderate risk if you want to play safe but still profitable. This betting method can be said to be successful if you can manage how to analyze each match. For example, if there is a profitable game or cockfighting, then you will place a big bet.

Whereas in an ordinary match, you will not spend too much money on the match. This is called moderate betting. So you can play passively and also aggressively as well.

3.High Risk Bettor

Qiu Qiu’s you must have guessed the type of our last bettor. The last bettor is high risk. Qiu Qiu online casino players with high risk can win a lot of money. That is a common advantage that many people already know. The higher the risk taken, the higher the profits that you will get when playing at Qiu Qiu. High risk bettors should be able to look for fairly risky matches while placing high bets.

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