What Is A Sober Companion?

Their first order of business is to make sure that the recovering individual’s home, workplace and vehicle is free of any mind and/or mood altering substances. Then, the Sober Companion will stay real close and escort the client everywhere they go, however, they will not interfere with work or school. The sole purpose in hiring this type of professional is to assist the newcomer in sobriety in staying away from drugs and alcohol.

Professionals like this are often used instead of long-term, expensive treatment centers. Studies have shown that this type of personalized care beats that of treatment centers due to the fact that treatment centers typically house people who really don’t want to be in treatment and that mind-set can be like a Cancer within said treatment center. Those who hire Sober Professionals to be by their side typically do much better in their recovery. Typically, the cost factor for both types of care are the same. Sober Companions typically charge anywhere from $600 to over $1000 per day which is roughly the same cost you would find at a 30 day treatment program.

Choosing the right person for you or a loved one can be difficult. You want to make sure the who you chose will be a good match for you. There are services out there that only deal in sober professionals like this and are able to match you up with the right companion. Try to find a reputable network that deals specifically with this type of service. Don’t go with the fly-by-night individuals that talk a great game on the phone. Only deal nuru massage with a reputable Network.

Sober companions will take you to the best 12-step meetings around that meet your needs. They will help you to gather a 12-step social network of individuals that will be there for your support long after the companions contract has expired. They basically become your best friend in early recovery and are a great sounding board for you as you go through the initial days of recovery. Although they are comparatively priced to long-term treatment centers, they are a personalized to your needs and are available to travel with you if that need arises.

Many in the entertainment industry utilize these services as they are constantly on the move and are frequently around drugs and alcohol. Sober Companions are there to hang out with you to help you stay away from these influences. They can be hard on you at times, but after all, that’s what you are paying them for. Remember, that they are just like you. The best ones are those too who have been in your shoes at on point in time. They should be in recovery themselves and working their own 12-step program. They have had the same thoughts and feeling that you are going through right now and will be there for you no matter what.

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