Blogs and Google AdSense

I have a personal reason for putting up this article. Day after day, I watch people that hunger and aspire for a simple and reasonable way to make money on the Internet. The Internet has grown to be a very large phenomenon and its creating income daily for people all over the world. The Internet changes business as we know it, and it brings a very new insight to how we can do business.

I have watched over the months as different people try and seek a fortune on the Internet but after standing aside from the crowd, I have come up with what I believe to be the easiest way an Average Joe can make money on the Internet The truth is that I am not teaching you anything new in this article but rather I am teaching new ways to apply old time tested principles of making money on the Internet.

This easy way of making money on the Internet is simply Blogging with Google AdSense.

The art of making profits with Blogs AdSense is now popular. But according to the Pareto principle (20/80 rule), only 20% of Bloggers take 80% of the profits. What do they do?

They recognise that there are high paying keywords and low paying keywords. Keywords are group of words that merchants pays a pre determined amount for so that someone can be sent to their site when the person clicks their advert on the pay per click engine e.g Google, Overture, Miva, etc. This advert is called AdWords by Google.

1. Google AdWords-This is a pay per click (PPC) advertising system maintained by Google. Pay Per Click is a sort of pay as you go advertising. This is the best form of advertising as the advertisers pay only if someone actually clicks on his advert. If you use Google you have probably seen the AdWords. They appear as little text Ads (on the right-hand corner) next to search result on Google.

2. Google AdSense-This is a program that allows you to reap much money by placing AdWords on your site or Blog. By doing so, anytime someone clicks on the advert on your Blog, you earn a percentage of the money that was bid on that keyword. For instance, if the keyword “acne” costs $12 and someone clicks on an a “acne” keyword related ad on your Blog, you earn a percentage of the $12. The percentage is not disclosed by Google but according to experts, they say it is 50%. That means you will earn $6 in the advert above.

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