Here Are a Ton of Ideas to Catapult Your Blog Post Writing That You Can Use in Any Niche

o you’ve got your new blog now and you’ve found a great template to use on your webpage. You’ve made it very attractive to look at while keeping it in your own personal style. You sit down to start blogging and you suddenly realize that you have a knife, a fork, a plate but you have no “steak.” You’re missing the meat and potatoes of your blog which is your content!

You need to find ideas and techniques to help you make your new blog successful, you want people to come to your site, you want people to read your blog and get that precious traffic flowing. Well, rest assured because you are reading the right article to get your brain moving and to take your blog post writing skills to the next level.

If you’ve never heard this before then probably the best piece advice for your blog I can give you is that your content is king. OK then, what kind of content you may be wondering, and what is considered to be good content?

We all have our own unique and creative writing style; one key component is to incorporate your own style and personality into your writing, but have no fear this will come in due time. As you grow in your writing you’ll discover that there are so many different writing styles out there for you to choose from or even create that in time your repertoire will be enormous.

Starting a blog for your business is a great way to attract the interest of potential clients who are out there browsing the search engines for exactly the solutions you offer, but as with most things in life, there are “right” ways and there are “wrong” ways to publish a business blog. For instance, you want your blog to not only help you get clients but to attract the clients who share your common passions, and who will, through reading your blog, become comfortable enough with you to begin a business relationship. And once they’ve had the chance to “sample” you through your blog, you won’t have to work as hard to convince prospective clients to work with you.

But before we get too far, let’s talk about three guidelines to consider before you even think about launching a blog to the world.

Your readers want to feel that they’re important to you, and a great way to demonstrate your commitment is to publish blog posts on a regular basis. Which means, don’t publish a blog and then let it sit dormant for weeks (or months!) at a time. If potential clients do happen to find your blog but see that all of your posts are three, four, maybe six months old, they’ll think that A) you no longer exist, B) you’re too busy for your clients, or C) you don’t know enough about your subject matter to write on a regular basis. None of which are thoughts that you want running through your prospects’ minds, right? If you can’t make a commitment to publishing regularly to your blog, consider using other marketing methods to get clients.

While some amount of promotion in blogs has become (grudgingly) accepted in the blogosphere, people won’t stick around to read nothing but blatant advertisements for your business. A better way to fill your blog with content, showcase your expertise, AND provide value to readers is to put your own spin on industry news. So rather than just copying and pasting today’s headlines into your blog, think about how that news will affect your readership. Is there a new law that changes the way they should be running their business, or driving their cars, or paying their taxes (depending on your area of expertise)? Well, maybe you know of a way to make those changes work for their business/life/finances; if so, use your blog to share your opinions. Another idea is to provide real-life stories (a.k.a. case studies) of how your clients are overcoming their obstacles with your help. People love to read stories (especially those that provide encouragement), your clients get exposure, and you get seen as the expert that made it happen…it’s definitely a win-win situation!

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