Blogging: The Good, the Bad and the Snugly

Blogs, short for “web logs” are electronic journals, technically speaking. And continuing with the technical application, blogs are marketing tools with more power than any television, radio or hard-copy print advertising. The reason is a blog’s reach isn’t limited to geography . It can potentially reach every Internet user over the entire globe, that’s the good news.

But it must compete with approximately 270,000,000 other websites online, that’s the bad news. However, most businesses are localized and don’t have to fret over competing with companies in Mumbai or Perth.

Blogs allow a business to broadcast its products or services through a different medium. A blog lets a business take on an Internet persona of its own which attracts customers. Simply put, a blog offers freebies. It gives potential customers information. Customers that read a blog come to trust the content. And when the time comes, customers will go that business in order to purchase a product or service. Blogs have other benefits:

Customers can not only read a blog, they can become part of the conversation. Comments allow customers the opportunity to weigh-in. It’s why Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban blogs on a regular basis. He uses a blog to spread his message in place of interviews.

¬†Blogs aren’t costly to set-up or maintain. In most cases, a blog can be launched with little effort. Business owners can advertise without paying outrageous prices. Moreover, free blogging platforms give businesses the ability to wield the sheer power of the Internet.

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