Futurists and Think Tanks Would Be Well Advised to Take a Look at the Recording Future Blog

If only we could know the future – or maybe we can. That is to say maybe today’s technology can give us insight into the future, and allow us to gauge where the river and flow of society is heading. There is a new company that takes all the information in the media and uses it to help plot the future potential eventualities mywebmagazine.co.uk . The name of that company is; Recorded Future.

Not long ago, I was reading the Recorded Future’s blog. And I’d like to make a couple of statements, about what I read, and why I feel it is very important. Now then, Regarding Recorded Future’s Blog Post in July entitled; “White Paper Addendum – Plato, the Cave and Recorded Future,”

I’d like to make the following comments, but first I recommend that you go look it up online. I’d like to say that we also must consider the credibility of the information can also be rated post event, for analyzing a future event; probability. For instance, if this event did not take place in the specified time period, then the news source might be lowered, or the individual making the statement could be lowered.

Eventually you could estimate the potential eventualties to a very high degree and rate the sources with the AI system. Black Swan aside, there is no way in the future a human or group of humans could be as accurate as often as an AI computer system using this scheme, or a hybrid future variation of it. Indeed, this is only the beginning, remember V. Bush’s concept of recording a whole life; LifeLog, as that is coming too as personal tech, constant “internet” wireless communication with GPS, digital cameras, video, etc, becomes the norm in all countries.

Anyway, this is only the beginning as I see it, and eventually human decision makers will check their work against these systems prior to making decisions, and the next step is to trust them over self, or over other humans. Then another potential step would be to combine the human mind – melding both, imagine the efficiency and accuracy of having all that knowledge?

Meanwhile the system self-corrects itself as it goes – sounds like this is the Six Sigma of intelligence, and decision making for the future. Does that mean your future CEO will be a box connected to a server, with real time access to all data? YES. So, don’t worry about CEO pay being too high, like the factory workers they too will be replaced by machines! Wow, this is interesting, so I guess, I’ll write another Sci Fi piece on it all, and the possible futures. Please consider all this.

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