What Your Watch Says About You

A watch can say a lot about the wearer. Everyone knows that nowadays a watch does a lot more than just tell the time. Instead, the watch you wear tells people about your personality, your likes and dislikes, and how you want to be perceived. It also helps to add to your overall image to help you to create the image you want to portray.

So what does your own watch say about you?


If you wear a sporty watch then it will be quite clear for the people around you to tell that you are an active person. Even if you are not that active, wearing a sports watch will help to give off this impression to other people if that is how you are trying to come across.

Watches such as Adidas watches and Casio watches are often worn by people who enjoy taking part in sports. From the top athletes to people who enjoy a kick around on the football pitch once a week, there are many benefits of using a dedicated sports watch. Sports watches are often:

• Tough
• Durable
• Water proof
• Scratch proof
• Include timers and stop watches

These and other features make them particularly suitable for anyone who likes to take part in sports regularly.


If you wear makes of watches such as Guess watches and Police watches then there is a good chance that you are telling the people around you that you are a stylish person.

These types of watches are worn by stylish people the world over, from celebrities to trend setters to fashion icons, and if you want other people to look at you and consider you a bit of a style icon yourself then purchasing one of casio protrek price these watches could be a good idea.


and Bulova watches are two makes which may help you out in formal situations. These are classy watches, and if you are quite formal then a watch like this will help to convey this to other people. This could be great in a work setting to help people to take you more seriously.


Make the Right Impression with Your Watch

If you want to make an impression on other people then your watch can have a large role to play in this. For this reason you should make sure that you choose your watch very carefully so that you ensure it is saying what you want it to about your personality and giving off the right impression.

Martyn Bramley invites you to take some time out and think about treating yourself to a new watch!

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