A Comprehensive Look at the Samsung M02

The Samsung M02 is the second low-cost Android smartphone from Samsung that has been announced recently. The low-budget smartphone belongs to the mid-range category and it does not contain a fingerprint scanner like its counterpart from Samsung. Instead, the device comes with a large screen size, a nice body shape, and a nice combination of hardware and software features. With a combination of Samsung’s design excellence and software innovation, the Samsung M02 does have a lot to offer by way of value for money.

A quick look at the Samsung M02 price shows that it has an average selling price of $250 in Canada. That puts it right in the price range of what many people consider a good smartphone. This, plus the fact that it does not contain a fingerprint reader, gives the Samsung M02 an easy going feel Samsung M02 . In this review, we will take a closer look at what sets the Samsung M 02 apart from other budget smartphones.

Like the Samsung Galaxy S4, the Samsung M02 has an easy to use interface that includes a welcome screen that informs users about Samsung’s mobile phone service. The touch screen is responsive and responds quickly to finger pressure. The smooth performance is aided by the large, touch sensitive screen that also swipes away web pages from the browser background. There are a number of widgets that come preinstalled on the Samsung Galaxy M02 and they include things like the Google Now search engine, the Exchange backup manager and the Samsung email client.

Like the Galaxy S4, the Samsung M02 features a neat, smooth home button that is located on the top left corner of the phone’s body. Despite being small, the home button can still be easily accessed and responds to finger clicks much better than some competing smartphones. The Samsung Galaxy M02 features a fast charging system which boasts of delivering over two hours of talk time on a single charge.

For those who want a bigger bang for their buck, the Samsung Galaxy M 2002 has the unique feature of allowing two sims (one for contract use and one for prepaid) connected to the same device. With the Sim Free Mobile phone, users will have more freedom and flexibility as they can switch between sims by purchasing a new SIM card to go with the second phone. On the other hand, users can enjoy the two gigabytes of internal memory that comes with the Samsung Galaxy M 2002 with the addition of a memory card that supports the SD card format.

With the large display and stunning details, it seems that the Samsung Galaxy M 2002 may have the edge on having the most powerful smartphone available in the market. While there are many competitors still on the market, Samsung’s latest offering is sure to retain its crown. The Samsung Galaxy S has been quite a battle between the two devices but its success is unprecedented when you consider that it has the capacity to provide users with everything that they could possibly want from a smartphone. Users who own the Galaxy S will agree that it is a necessity rather than a luxury.

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