Making Money Online – The Real Story – Blogs & Online Content

Blogs and Online Content are a great way to make money online. There are many ways you can monetize a blog, not just Google AdSense but Amazon Affiliates, eBay, Joint-ventures, and of course your own products.

How it works – A Blog is a type of website maintained by an Individual with frequent updates of commentary, events, or other material such as graphics/video The best place to set-up a blog online is

Just say I wanted to create a blog and monetize it. I would first look for a popular subject, for example I start a blog about soccer. I would then add content to it daily so that it gets a good ranking with the search engines. So people will come to my blog to read about my views about soccer, the latest soccer news, latest fixtures and game results etc.

The way to make money from it is to place adverts around my blog relating to soccer that people maybe interested in and in turn may click on. So if I had some Google adverts on my blog, every time someone clicked on an add, I would earn commission from Google.

With a blog you are not restricted to just making money with Google. I could place an ad on my blog for a product from Amazon using Amazon Associates. For example I search Amazon and find products related to soccer e.g. a football. I would then place an add on my blog from Amazon for the football, and when someone clicks the add and purchases a football from Amazon I get a commission from the sale – about 5-10%.

Using online content works in a similar way. Create a web page around a keyword and then add content. The page will have Google AdSense ads around it and when someone clicks on an ad I get a commission from Google.

Blogging, a social media which has always been fascinating for me. I fought it forever in the beginning, and especially found it hard to believe it was all that beneficial for doctors. But, before you write it off, you have to think through it just as you would any other marketing strategy for your practice.

And, just like any other practice marketing, it comes down to the bottom line: Is this going to get results for my practice?

As I teach, you only implement marketing strategies planning for and expecting results. If you get no results after a sufficient amount of time and tweaking, you eliminate it.

So, when considering whether or not to blog, here are 3 things to consider whether or not this is for you. (And as an aside, let me say this. You do not have to blog. There are many other marketing avenues you can follow for your practice. However, if executed properly, there can be great value in a good blog).

First, define your strategy. Is the goal of your blog to get new patients? To be educational in nature? Or to be a news source about your practice?

It should be all three – with the ultimate goal to drive new patients to your website. First, all of your posts should tie in directly with the content of your main website. Not to get too techie here, but it simply has to do with key words that potential patients are searching for on Google and other search engines that are relevant to the content on your site.

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