The Most Effective Flyer Distribution Tactics

In many cases, flyer marketing campaigns are only as successful as you make them. That is why it is imperative that you not only devote ample amounts of time to design cheap flyer marketing and copy, but also distribution. How else can your prospect come into contact with your brand if they are not aware of it? Below are our top tips to ensure that your flyer is distributed in the best way possible.

Location – Be sure that the location that your flyer is distributed at is in line with your target demographics lifestyle habits. Research your main customer and find out where they shop, where they spend their recreational time, what they do for hobbies, etc. Then go to those locations and get busy! Try to stop every person that you see there and strike up a conversation. It can be as easy as simply asking what they do, talking about something they’re wearing, or asking them a question. This will not only help in becoming more relatable, but will also help in putting a face to your brand.

Teams – Consider hiring a street team to hand out your marketing collateral. This will help in getting information out about your brand. This will help in effectively getting word out about your brand. Most importantly it will also help in multiplying your marketing efforts. In order to get a street team, it is best to start with people you know. Consider hiring your current employees to work overtime on the weekends, or ask your friends and family members to canvas a certain area.

Leave-Behinds – Leave-behinds are the least effective marketing tool. It is perhaps the one way to not have any connection to a brand, while also getting lost with all of the other marketing materials it is surrounded by. However, sometimes, leave-behinds are the only option when targeting places such as doctor’s offices and nursing homes. As a result, try and pick your offices wisely. Build relationships with the employees, so that they become salespeople for your brand. This will help in pushing your flyer and motivate word of mouth marketing.

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