Cheap Smartphones – The Vivo V21 Pro & The Y72 5g

All the existing Vivo mobile phones have an unique android operating system based on the forks of Android Open Source Project. In this post, we will discuss the newest addition to the Vivo V range, and this is Vivo V 21 Pro. This mobile phone was launched, and all Vivo users are very excited to purchase this amazing new device. To make it short, we will discuss some basic information on the V 21 Pro, which will help you to decide if this mobile phone is for you.

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The main feature of the Viva V 21 Pro is the incredible camera built into it Vivo V21 Pro . It features a 16 mega-apixel camera, along with other various features such as water resistance, shock resistance, professional connectivity features, high definition cameras and videos, WiFi, and GPRS. On the other hand, the rear camera is only 8 mega-pixels, but it is capable of taking clear pictures. If you want to take quality pictures with your smartphone camera, then this is the right one for you. On the other hand, the exterior design of this handset is quite different from others. You can clearly notice the similarities with the Excalibur range, and also some differences with the capacitive technology.

Furthermore, the Vivo V 21 Pro has the same camera components as the Viva V line, such as the camera sensor, the lens, digicam, memory card, video camera, etc. However, the difference between the two devices is the display size and the battery timer. While the Vivo camera has a large display, the Pro has a larger one. This means that the Pro has better camera performance, but also means that the battery lasts for a longer time.

The Vivo V 21 Pro has the support of Google Android N and is able to run on the Linux operating system. This is one of the best things about the device, because it means that you are not stuck with Android OS. The device is one of the first mobiles that can be able to run on the Linux platform, so this is a big deal. In addition, it supports USB type-C, which is a very popular standard nowadays. This means that you will get high data transfer rates when you use the USB type-C port.

Apart from all this, the latest addition to the family of devices manufactured by Vivo is the Firefox OS. This is a free software that works on the Firefox browser, and has several useful features that include VoIP, Bluetooth, MMS, email, access to the Google Toolbar, as well as the Opera browser. With Firefox OS, you will get better battery life, better performance, better stability and a better touch screen user interface.

The prices of the two handsets have been reduced considerably due to the low cost of manufacturing in India. The two handsets are available for as low as USD Rs 15000. If you want to buy one, you can look up telephonically or online. When buying online, make sure that you look up the telephonical and generic stores to compare prices. If you are looking to buy a cheap smartphone in India, the Vivo Y72 5g is the one to go with.

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