Research, Backlinks, and More Traffic

You may be thinking, well, yea, that’s just the type of results I’m looking for. Hopefully I can share with you some new strategies, better options, with the plus of convenience and simplicity to boot.

If you’re like me, maybe you’re not, you’d like to find an organized way to track and research content and news that you want to be up to date on. Many times you use social networks, the blogs on them, and the bookmarking sites to keep track of links you regularly use and want to promote. Well, I’ve found a new option that’s as convenient as they happen.

Elert Gadget has all the tools you’ll need to make your blog or information gadget a success. Let me explain.

You start by downloading the Elert Gadget itself. EG is constantly updating and improving their service for your best success so keep an eye out Sherry Dyson . The desktop gadget includes a feeds tab for you to list your favorite blogs or news feeds to keep up with. This facet makes it very easy to research a particular niche or keywords. You pick your keywords, and search the engines of your choice, or as it happens that you find great choices in networking with prospects, you then just add the feeds with the titles of the feed to your tab on the EG desktop gadget. You can now follow these blogs, network, comment, followup comments and link to them to increase your ranking and traffic.

Once you have thoroughly searched a niche or keyword, simply clear them out, only the ones you’ve no more use for, and use another word or niche of your choice. This method can be as useful for getting backlinks and staying on top of content that is just published as submitting to many directories. You’ll want to remember to link to blogs and pages that have similar content or topics in common with your own. This is a rule of relevant content with Google.

Elert Gadget is a part of the Google search engine and will always be a great place to be ranked and linked with. Each page within the gadgets are searchable and indexable by Google. There’s also the option to submit your whole gadget to Google for approval. The pages are immediately published to the Google search engine when you press the publish button. It takes only a matter of minutes to be found in search.

Another useful function of EG is the bookmarking tab on the desktop gadget right next to the feeds tab. You can easily bookmark your pages and sites to remember and refer back to at a glance. On the other hand, to increase your traffic, you can also bookmark at the Elert Gadget bookmarking section to share your favorites with others. Recently Elert Gadget has been added to the AddThis platform, so it is simple now to bookmark to your EG bookmarking account from anywhere on the net.

Perhaps you’re seeing the virtues of blogging and would like a nicely ranked blog in an atmosphere of professionalism. Well, EG has just released their new free domain for your blog with your elert gadget. It’s simple to post to and keep up with. Manage and post to your favorite social networks right after you publish.

To add to the purposefulness of using Elert Gadget, I’ll discuss their affiliate programs. The tools here are tools that any webmaster can use to profit and succeed. Affiliate marketers, bloggers, niche site experts, or average joes can use, maintain, and prosper using the affiliate tools at EG, and earn extra cash at the same time.

Each of the affiliate programs is listed with Clickbank, including MyTrafficStrategy, Elert Gadget Sales Page, and MyArticleStrategy which is regular niche content delivered daily, with the exception of BZ9 url shortener and redirecting service. This program you need to apply to directly for approval or simply purchase the designer drop-ins with autoresponders attached to become an affiliate.

It seems there is a plethora of choices and opportunities to find success with Elert Gadget. If you have questions, or need support, there is a very competent and professional support section with Elert Gadget. Best of luck with your endeavors of research, backlinks, and traffic.

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