Business Opportunity Leads – People Marketing Their Business – Sick of the Hype?

On an every day basis, I get probably at least two hundred emails many of which are spouting off about their business or how they can easily and effortlessly help drive business opportunity leads to my site. Many of those emails even suggest they will do all the work for me! I even get emails telling me I can make some weird figure like $9,167.00 thousand dollars in the next two weeks if I sign up now!! I get the whole spectrum of these types of emails all of the time! Why do we even bother looking at all of this hype?

When you are just starting out entertaining thoughts about working from home, it is easy to get caught up into a bunch of hype. The marketing and sales efforts of these internet businesses prey upon the person who has that dream of being rich with reciprocal income. It is easy to get caught up in the wealth mindset. I know it sure was for me!

In the past when I first began looking for an internet based business opportunity, I was signing up into all kinds of things. At the time, most if not all looked very enticing Spectrum Email to me! For about a six year period of time, I ending up joining some of the MLM’s I had looked at. I think I have joined and purchased the product of at least six MLM type businesses.

I have now settled down and spend most of my time on SEO for several different business opportunities. I now know for the most part what I am doing. I now know that having a home based internet business takes work! Just like everything else, you have to roll up your sleeves and really dig into it to make it work.

Why do I still allow myself to get those hyped up types of emails from the past?

I keep on some of the lists that I had signed up into long ago as a reminder of the hype I used to believe. They also serve as a reminder to me of what I went through and how much I have learned. What is amazing is the amount of “offers” to join other “unique” business opportunities I constantly get because my personal information was sold or taken by some lead selling scammer who constantly are scraping the internet for their leads.

I believe wisdom comes through suffering! Suffering comes repeatedly often when you believe the hype and get involved with most of those network marketing businesses that are out there. Do not “listen” or follow up with anything that has hype involved with it. If you want to become successful in a home based business, find that certain “someone” who you can believe in rather than any specific business. That is what you are searching for! You need to know that whatever you get involved in, you are in it for the long haul!

If wisdom does come through suffering, I am one of the wisest people on the planet and you can believe what I say.

If you are looking to get involved with some type of internet home based business opportunity, forget the hype type emails you are receiving telling you all kinds of great things that are occurring with that company. Look more for a “person”. Someone who is successful already in what they are doing. Seek these people out and call them. Find out who will mentor you and help you grow your business. It does not matter for the most part what business you get into. It really matters who you are involved with!

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