3 Profitable Features in The Wild Chase Slot: The Best Review

The Wild Chase slot is an exciting online slot from game maker Quickspin. Not only in terms of speed, but also in terms of prices. Because after every winning spin, you get a free re-spin on its game, while your winning symbols remain.

Because there are also jokers and multipliers falling around your ears, with a bit of luck you will score high profits in super speed.

Review The Wild Chase Slot

It is a very well-kept ending. In the background you can see a fashionable, sunny seaside resort that reminds us of Cannes and Monaco. 

Probably – as we guess – the story around the slot is that two men and two beautiful women have just committed a successful robbery. And that’s why they’re on the run.

At least, that would explain the title of the lock. And also the symbols: two men, two women, a bag of diamonds, a car key, a watch, a ring and a money clip. In addition, there is a joker, the symbol with the word: WILD. So you can’t be wrong.

In addition, there is a bonus symbol, namely a symbol with the word, you guessed it: BONUS.

1. How Does The Wild Chase Work?

There are 25 paylines that you always play by default. The lowest possible bet is $0.25 per spin and the maximum bet is $100.

It has three features on top of the base game:


Every time you spin a winning spin, you get a free respin while your winning symbols remain. That continues until you no longer run new profit combinations. This principle is similar to the respins of, for example, Jack Hammer.

Multiplier Wild

If you play a Wild in a winning combination, your prize will go x2. If jokers fall during your re-spins, the multiplier increases, up to a maximum of x5. The achieved multiplier will remain during your re-spins, until you no longer run a new winning combination.

Free Spins Bonus

You win the Free Spins Bonus as soon as you spin three bonus symbols in one spin or during one consecutive series of re-spins. You take 10 free spins, with at least one Wild guaranteed to fall during each spin.

2. The Payout Percentage in The Game

The Wild Chase slot’s theoretical payout percentage (also recognized as RTP or return to player) is 96.72 percent. That means that over millions of spins, this slot machine will pay out 96.72 cents as a prize for every euro wagered.

If you play fewer spins, the actual payout percentage can be much higher or much lower than 96.72 percent – it’s all a matter of luck.

In conclusion, The Wild Chase slot by Quickspin is a fast, pleasant slot machine with a great soundtrack, a fun and appropriate theme (glamour, money, tension) and profitable features. However, there are still the best games profitable on qiu qiu which also give bonuses for players. 

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