War in Iraq Games Have Been Developed With the Help of Veterans

There are quite a lot of games which focus on the war in Iraq, and this is unusual as the war in Iraq is still being fought. Most online games do not have as their focus an ongoing situation. The problems surrounding these particular games may not be obvious at first sight, but one father of a US soldier who lost his life in Iraq has slammed the games as insensitive and crass. That there is controversy surrounding these games was clearly expected by the makers, but any kind of publicity is good for them. They rightly point out that war in Iraq games are just that: – games.

There are different types of War in Iraq games, one actually tries to simulate the battle for Falludah in detail and used journals of Marines who fought there to help recreate their games so that they are as true to life as a game can be. In fact a lot of the “War in Iraq” games have been made with the help of soldiers who fought there. The cynical may think that these soldiers were just out to make a fast buck, but they are on record as saying that the games show the situation as it was in Iraq and F95zone might help people to realize what was and is happening to American troops who are still fighting in Iraq.

The games are both first person games, where the player is the shooter, and games in which the player sees events unfold at a distance from the shooters, rather as a journalist embedded with the troops in Iraq would have viewed the action.

“War in Iraq” games are intense and graphically very good. You certainly get the feel for the war situation. The games get your adrenalin flowing and you have to think fast and make decisions in an instant. Whatever the ethics behind the creation of such games, there is no denying that they are exciting and they clearly hone skills. That is perhaps the best part of playing these games and others like them. You develop your cognitive abilities and your decision-making processes as well as hand-eye coordination, which you do playing most online video games. You also have to analyze your situation carefully and critically as your decisions will mean life or death within the framework of the game. They are much more than just “kill the Iraqi insurgents/terrorists”. You have to develop strategies to ‘win’ the game.

Naturally enough there are not, as yet games which can be played from the Iraqi insurgents’ points of view. However there may be some in the pipeline if rumors in the games industry are true.

At the moment though these games are about how the Americans can win the war in Iraq. This might irk some players, but if you just play the game without thinking about the ideologies behind them, then there is no doubt that they are good value entertainment. Try one and find out for yourself. As you can play for free, at least you won’t have wasted money on the game of your choice.

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