Purpose and Scope of a MBA Executive

MBA Executive, often known as EMBA is masters degree programs for those who are already on job and have enough market experience MBA課程 . The program is scheduled such that it does not disturb their working routine. It is group based program where a large number of students undergo the same syllabus in short span of time. Unlike normal MBA course, EMBA is a one year course, because many subjects which are not required to be taught to experienced people are skipped out of the course.

MBA Executive is basically designed to polish already contained skills of students. Aim of the course is to enhance their analytical abilities and as they are already experienced but do not have a masters degree, therefore EMBA allows them to have a higher degree in hand.

Learning process is slightly different then regular MBA. In regular course, students are new to subjects and they need to be taught everything. One the other hand in MBA Executive students learn from each other’s experiences. Healthy discussions in the class create an excellent learning environment.

MBA Executive is little expensive course as compared to normal two years MBA. The fee is kept more because subjects are to be taught in lesser time, moreover to teach experienced people faculty has to be extra ordinary, and as you know better instructors charge more fees.

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