Why Studying an ASVAB Practice Exam or Book May Not Be Enough

As you are preparing for your upcoming military career with the United States Armed Forces there will be a number of things to take into account for your application and preparation process. This includes but is not limited to getting into physical shape, completing a huge mound of paperwork, and studying for your ASVAB exam. In this article I will explain why simply studying an ASVAB test or book is not enough Security+ exam .

The Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery or ASVAB is the military version of an entrance exam. This test will cover many different subjects that you have learned throughout high school. Perhaps you’ve forgotten some of the material or never learned it. Regardless of how well you did in high school you should still take the time to study and prepare.

The primary method of preparation that I suggest to my students is to take a practice exam. Get a baseline score to see what you are struggling with, and then create a study schedule designed to focus on your weak areas.

However, a practice exam is not enough. I have found that some students will simply take practice test after practice test, and memorize the answers to the specific questions. Not only is this not an ideal way to study, this will also give you false hope when you find yourself acing a practice exam due to memorization.

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