Should I Start a Mobile Car Wash Business In the Spring?

As a former franchisor of mobile car wash rigs, people often ask me how you get into the business. Interestingly enough, the mobile car washing sector is one of the easiest industries to enter. After all, you don’t need that much, you need a few chamois, a plastic water tank, and a pressure washer, oh and some place to put it on or in such as a trailer or a pickup truck. Then you Boston Car Service need a few flyers, some business cards, and a few clients. If you do a good job they will refer you to additional people, and your business has started. Okay so let’s talk about this for second shall we?

Not long ago I was talking to someone from the Boston area and they were interested in starting their own business, specifically a mobile car wash, which is why they had contacted me. They asked me all sorts of questions, however you know, in Boston the weather is pretty wicked in the wintertime, certainly not the right time to be outside washing cars and creating ice on the ground that someone might slip on. Further, if you try to do additional services like a sealer coat of wax, it’s hard to get the polymer solvent waxes to dry, because it’s so cold out.

In fact, it’s hard to dry off the car anyway, as it takes three times as long. Not to mention the fact that when it’s raining you can’t work. Also when you have extra water weight it’s hard to control your vehicle during inclement weather and ice on the roads. And lastly, it’s hard to get anybody too excited about going out and working in such weather, meaning you might end up doing a lot of the work yourself because your workers keep calling in sick every day.

So what did I do? Well, I advised the individual who contacted me from the Boston area to think about setting up their business now and getting ready to launch it during mid spring. That’s when the weather will get better, and folks will be more interested in having their car look spiffy as they enjoy a much-needed warming weather trend in the region. Spring and summer, along with early fall are a wonderful time to go out and wash cars whether at car dealerships, corporate office parks, or middle-class neighborhoods.

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