Online MBA Program Rankings

Making the choice of the best business school at which to complete your MBA degree program is a challenge because at last count more than 100 US schools now provide online MBA programs in several different concentrations like finance, accounting and healthcare.

Coincident with the increase in the number of schools offering a distance learning MBA degree are the number of sources providing online MBA rankings part time mba. Business magazines, national and metropolitan newspapers, trade publications, business and academic associations of all kinds, and even executive recruiting firms will have their own version of online MBA rankings 2010 or some such rendition.

Since there are so many different sources for off campus MBA rankings anybody interested in attending a degree program, either online or in residence, has to be skeptical about the usefulness or even the objectivity, in some cases, of these rankings.

What are the criteria that were used for the rankings? Have the ranking source’s selection standards been adequately disclosed, or do you get something subjective and essentially un-provable like “quality of faculty”? It is not uncommon in academic circles to quantify an elusive term like quality simply in direct proportion to the length of a particular professor’s CV

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