Photocatalytic Fluid that is clear like water

Being an all natural Photocatalytic Fluid that is clear like water and dries with no staining or evidence of its presence, it is CONTINUALLY activated by any light source. Most catalytic products can only be activated by an Ultra Violet light source, but not this one. Any light source will reactivate its properties each and every day and night from sunlight to artificial light, it doesn’t really matter. All of these now treated surfaces will totally eliminate 99.9% of all Bacteria, Germs, Mildew, Mould and of course the dreaded H1 N1 virus too. Even better news is that after a surface has been treated by the TiO2 fluid, then someone touches or uses that surface say for food preparation, then all it takes to completely sterilize the area again is a micro fibre cloth dipped in normal tap water. Give it a wipe off and the surface become instantly sterile once again, so long as there is a light source in the room. It does not have to be a directed light source either.

You should also know that this product will also eliminate all airborne viruses and bacteria and germs too, all from being applied to the hard surfaces within the room. The light fitting treatment actually makes the product work continually as an air purifier, so it really will have you covered form every possible angle. It is not a low cost product as it was designed for industrial and commercial applications. However, a little really does go a long way and remembering that one careful treatment æŠ—èŒç”šć“ is sufficient, then it makes the cost very worthwhile and who among us can put a price on possibly saving the life of a family member?

From what I have learned and what I have seen this product achieve, my opinion is that every city, municipality, township, provincial and federal government, together with public transportation companies, school boards, airports, hospitals, care facilities, hotels and so on should immediately be obtaining this truly wonderful product and getting it instantly into service throughout all areas within their jurisdiction, including offices, apartment buildings and the like. Mother Nature has thrown a mutant deadly virus at us and now, with the TiO2 fluid at our disposal, we can use Mother Nature’s ingredients to protect and save us. I now have the product in my home and my office and I am so pleased that I can go to bed each night, knowing I have possibly the best protection against this vicious strain of flu and other airborne and contactable diseases. In conclusion, please know what I have said here is fact and that we really do have this product readily available and at our disposal right now. It can and will save lives where ever it is used and with this pandemic expected to gain momentum in the months ahead, surely our peers of officialdom should come running to our rescue and start getting the TiO2 Photocatalyst into every location they can. It is best applied using a small portable machine called a tri-jet fogger, as this will make the product go much further and it will allow treatment of areas that are normally difficult to reach. Please pass this news on to as many of your friends as possible as I feel that everyone should now be made aware of this solution.

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