Online Poker – Is it on the Up and Up Or Run by Shady Characters?

My opinion will mean nothing to the tens of thousands of people that play online poker. They will justify it’s validity to the end and will just get down right nasty with the comments. They have all the excuses and answers and follow in a nice neat line like lemmings going over a cliff. They have most likely lost hundreds if not thousands of dollars to these online poker sites and have to justify it just so they won’t feel silly.

My opinion is that online poker is the biggest scam the internet has to offer. it’s right up there with the enlarge your penis guys although I have not tried this product I truly do not think it would help Poker88. I have played at most of the online sites and some are better then others but for the most part they are all the same. It seems that after you make a deposit you seem to do well but as time goes on your bankroll will dwindle down to next to nothing and then have no more money in your account and have to make another deposit.

The beats you take online are incredible and it seems that all these online sites cater to bad players and I think it’s because they have to. If only the good players won then these bad players would not think they have a chance and never make another deposit and like any business I know these poker guys want return business so they have to reward bad play.

With this last statement you could get the idea that I am accusing online poker to be fixed. But I never said it was fixed I said I thought it was a scam. You could take the best player in the world , give him 100 dollars and see if he could become a shinning star within that poker site. I say the answer is no. It may have happened once or twice maybe but it’s not going to happen often and this is the size of the deposits that all these online sites get on the average.

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