Blogging – The Importance of Being Constantly Consistent

My first introduction into blogging, was reading a friends blog, the only thing was that she took so long putting in her new copy. I soon got tired of returning to find the same stuff there all the time. So I gave up watching her site.

This made me realise that when one starts blogging, one has to keep their site up to date all the time . I didn’t think then that I had the time for it although I had thought it may be an interesting way to keep in touch with family and friends, although it didn’t really help as some of them I still have to write a physical letter to the old fashioned way.

To make it easier so I did not have to write a lot of letters to everyone I knew I started sending out an e-mail newsletters. This meant that I could keep everyone happy, they had fairly regular news from me, which I could do once. I still though had the few hand letters to write, but these too found a short cut wrote one letter, just suitable changed to suit the person it was going to. So basically sent out the same letter to everyone I know.

This too needs constant updating if you stop, your family and friends, may thing something terrible has happened to you. Joining Facebook had it’s benefits, as I now had online access to a lot of family and friends who had found their way here too.

Everything in life and in your Internet Home Business has consequences, if you don’t do something you won’t get the answers you require. So just as keeping your friends and family updated with your news, so too you need to keep hands on with your Internet Business and Blogging Business.

Otherwise sadly they will become a little like my friends blog, forgotten. People will stop visiting your site.This is especially true if you wish to use your blogging as a means to make money online. People will think that you are not really interested in your product, and that you don’t really care. The bottom line being that they will stop coming to your site, and soon they will forget all about you, as you’ve fallen through the cracks.

Another thing we need to do is to keep updating our product knowledge, depending on what it is we are marketing. Bath oil is an easy one, to test and give the benefits it’s given you and your family. Some products though are not so easy to test, which means one has to maybe ind out more about the product some other way.

Sometimes your product is not so easy to test, yet you will have to use all your skills to market effectively. Find out as much about it as possible, who designed it, how it works, what is it all about, so that you can talk about it with ease. Knowing about your product will give people the sense that you are more of an expert, about it than you really are. I you don’t understand it, either find someone who can help you to understand it better, or you should not be selling that product.

Take Television advertising, have you noticed every few months they change them around. That is supposed to be so that we don’t get tired of them, but then they come back. Sometimes when they come up you just want to turn the Television off.

The same principles applies to blogging, especially if you are marketing products, don’t just play the same thing over and over again. Your audience will get bored, and turn you off.

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