Gambling is now very popular in all parts of the world. This happens because of the promises offered by gambling that gambling can give big wins without difficult efforts. And this is a lie because in addition to wasting money, actually gambling wastes precious time of players.

It’s not only adults who play the game, but there are also young children who are entering their teens, from unemployed to those who are already working domino99 . Their reasons for gambling are different.

For example, many students admit that the reason they play gambling is to be able to get more money for personal enjoyment. Then the workers reasoned that they gambled to fill their spare time which clearly could cause huge losses.

Then for many unemployed, they make this as a livelihood. This is also something wrong. Because they will never get money, but they must be loose a lot of money. Besides that the effect of other gambling is that gambling wastes precious time they have.

One of the bad effects given is that gambling wastes precious time. Imagine, someone who really has the intention to be able to get money from gambling, even though he will never get it. But even their money can be lost due to gambling.

This is because gambling is something that has been regulated for the future, that the winning ratio is much smaller than the loss ratio. The site owner, of course, doesn’t want to lose but is looking for maximum profit, right?

But there are still many people who are not aware of this and that gambling has the effect of bankruptcy besides gambling wastes precious time. This is because the time spent gambling should be used for activities that are more certain to produce or for positive activities


Gambling that is currently circulating among the community itself is online gambling. This gambling itself has actually been regulated by the system for the wins and losses received by the gambling players.

There are many kinds of online gambling, including online poker gambling, dominoes, dominoqq online and many other types of online gambling circulating in society today. These kinds of gambling give sweet promises where the winning ratio is very high that players will get, even though in the end it’s all bullshit and lies. Fact, the gambling wastes precious time.

As explained above, the actual winning ratio given by the gambling site is much smaller than the loss ratio given. Therefore, from now on, stop gambling because in addition to being materially detrimental, gambling is also detrimental in time, gambling wastes precious time whoever that play.

Use your time to gather with family, or find a side job to increase the amount of your savings that can be used for the future. In order to make your life is not impossible so that it can be better in the future.

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