How to Avoid Bad Beats in Online Poker

Online poker is one of the most popular forms of gambling on the Internet, which attracts hundreds of thousands of players to the poker web sites every day. The fact that the game is easily learned and convenient to access has spurred an avalanche of people to join sites and play just like they do on television.

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However, this onslaught of amateur players has created another problem for those more experienced and familiar with the game Slot Online Tepercaya , The Bad Beat! The fact those amateurs usually play too many hands and tend to chase after flushes, a straight, and a draw has caused a lot of frustration for better players.

In reality, is it truly the amateurs chasing and the inexperienced player that causes the continual suck outs and bad beats, or is there a more plausible reason why so many bead beats occur in online poker? To answer the question, a close look at the software used in the online poker rooms is necessary.

The software used by online poker rooms, typically will attempt to make the game as fair as possible in order to simulate a live game. A random number generator program is used to ‘shuffle’ the cards, additional algorithms and subroutines are implemented to ensure fair play and security software is installed to prevent cheating and collusion by players.

However, the bad beats continue and there must be an answer to how to avoid bad beats in online poker. That answer is in the software itself. Just as the programmers have implemented certain algorithms to protect the fair play of the game, they inadvertently opened up a process by which players are able to manipulate the program and not only avoid bad beats, but dish out there own bad beats.

These certain algorithms intended to make the game fair actually serve as a patterned sequence which, if known, a player can actually dominate a tourney because he has an inside look at HOW the program works. It is a fact that if you know HOW something works, you can replicate, fix, or duplicate that process with ease.

The bottom line is that if you understand the algorithms and sequences used in the online poker sites, you can easily learn the processes used and begin to win and avoid bad beats that usually knock you out of a tourney. That is the trick to knowing how to avoid bad beats and how to deliver your own bad beats to other players.

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