Traditional Japanese Foods – How to Make Them

Even though the Japanese culture dates back centuries ago, traditional Japanese foods are still prevalent and sought after today. Many people simply love the exquisite taste and flavor found in these foods. This is why lots of Japanese restaurants have been established to accommodate the craving of people around the world. But the good news is: one does not need to go to a restaurant just to enjoy his favorite Japanese food 日本海鮮網購. Since the preparation of traditional Japanese foods is easy, one can experience the delight in seeing how his favorite foods are formed with his own hands.

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Starting off with the famous sushi, this requires very few ingredients namely: sushi rice, nori seaweed and the filling of your choice. First, place a small amount of rice on the seaweed. Then, place the filling in the middle. You may want to have fruits like avocado and mango as your filling or you may opt to have fish like salmon. Or you may put in a combination of whatever you may like. After all your preferred fillings are placed, roll the layers together making sure that the fillings and rice are well-covered by the seaweed. Afterwards, slice the roll and serve it with your choice of dip.

Dumplings are also a favorite Japanese food. The preparation of these is almost similar to that of the sushi except that with dumplings, gyoza skins are used and they are cooked before served. The filling, which is typically ground pork mixed with onions and spices, is wrapped in a gyoza skin with the edges folded. These are steam-fried and best served with soy sauce.

For noodles, there are the soba and udon. Soba is the thin brown noodles while udon is the white one. Both are made from wheat and are served with different vegetables or meat.

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