What MLM Business Should I Choose? Weight Loss, Soap Sales, or a Utility Bill Scheme

Some economists are predicting a good year in the US economy for 2011 and I think we can all agree; that’s sounds great! Still, they warn that job growth recovery will be slow, although things will improve, again great, but it cannot come soon enough for a good number of Americans who are unemployed or under employed. Progress is being made, and that’s been a wonderful sign of things to come. Nevertheless, it also means for a good many Americans, that it’s time for them to take control and look for secondary options.

Moringa: The new nutritious vegetable-powder - New Food Magazine

Such as you ask? Well, such as starting your own business. I know, and you are saying “oh sure Lance, with whose money?” Okay, I hear what you are thinking, but consider this, there are various types of home based businesses you can start to supplement your income, build your customer base and then eventually get it to a point that it can bring in decent money. For 辣木籽 instance, there are many MLMs available, where the upfront cost isn’t really that much.

What is a MLM business? MLM stands for Multi-Level Marketing, that is to say a network marketing home based business. There are a number of very popular ones right now like Melaleuka, Mary Kay, Pre-Paid Legal, QuikStar, Amway, and Zija International. But to determine which is right for you, you have to decide what product line you feel comfortable in representing.

Do you want to sell soap, cosmetic products, get a percentage off people’s utility bills, or move a product that everyone wants, needs, and desires, something like weight loss products or nutritional supplements? The reality is that no one knows what you’d like to distribute or do more than you, and you need to decide, what products you need, and what products you yourself want to use, that’s generally a pretty good indication.

If you are suffering from anorexia then I guess selling weight loss products is pretty much out of the question, let’s face it, you don’t need them. But if you are 10, 15, or even 40 pounds overweight then that might indeed be a good starting place for your next small business? Not long ago, I talked to a finalist on the Biggest Losers TV Show (season 3 to be exact), and she indicated to me that she believed in the XM 3 Caps, weight loss pills by Zija International, which used a plant extract from the Moringa Tree leaves.

Sounds pretty cool I know, and they also distribute a killer pixie sticks type drink mix from that same tree leaf, the Moringa Tree, that is. I guess, I’d have to learn more about it, and follow up with you in another article in the future, as it appears to be quite interesting. For me, well, I just don’t think selling soap door-to-door makes a lot of sense, and I really don’t feel like an electrically charged utility, but who knows maybe I’ll get struck by lightning one day or win the lottery and retire off that? Oh, by the way; this article sponsored by Miss Heather Hansen Biggest Loser Finalist Season 3.

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