Overview of Commission Formula by Alen Sultanic

Commission Formula is a new affiliate marketing video course created by Alen Sultanic. This is a progressive home-study course and whether you’re a brand new internet marketer (consistently making less than $5,000/month), an experienced marketer (consistently making $5,000-$10,000/month) or an expert marketer (consistently making $10,000+ a month) – there’s something here for you.

And before you panic…

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No! This is not just another BUY-Traffic scheme.

In fact, Alen tells you from the outset, NOT to buy any traffic. What Commission Formula is – is BIG. The program covers so much information that we’ve chosen to break our review into several parts, and after a quick overview below, we’ll go into those main sections in later posts.

I have to tell you. I’ve researched and reviewed many-a product and service before but few have ever impressed me as much as this one. In fact, I’m a bit stumped – I can’t even come up with one negative thing to tell you about this program. I mean, just look at what’s included in this thing….

* 3 Main Training Phases containing an impressive 51 modules

* More than 15 hours of video instruction

* Downloadable action plans that correspond to each training module

* Easy access to recommended resources

* Exclusive Members Area

* Money Back Guarantee

The Training Phases

• Phase 1 – Commission Execution

Here Alen shows you how to discover red-hot profit producing markets and crack them together using free traffic methods. He educates you on different strategies, techniques, and tactics, then moves onto the execution part of things and guides you step by step to help you build your own commission site.

• Phase 1.5 – Full Force Automation

Alen pauses between the lessons of Phase 1 and 2 to hit home an important fact. You need to be able to create a self-funding system if you want to succeed in this business. Here, Alen teaches you how to re-invest part of your earnings to create an automated self-funding system and a shift in your mind about how you do business. Alen teaches you to think of your business as a real business rather than a series of steps you perform when the time or inclination strikes you.

This is a BIG concept people! It is critical to your success and I am so glad Alen thought to drive the point home. Do NOT skip this phase, regardless of how much marketing experience you may have.

• Phase 2 – Next Level Affiliate Marketing

In this phase Alen shows you how to earn money through the use of cost per action or CPA offers. With CPA offers you get paid for promoting mass market offers. He also goes into other paid traffic models, and shows you how you to set them up for maximum conversions.

• Phase 3 – Advanced Traffic Systems

This is all about generating massive waves of highly targeted traffic. This is HUGE because it’s the key to unlocking Commission Formula’s massive potential. After all, affiliate marketing is all about traffic and conversions. If you can make those things happen you can make money and Alen does an sultan toto awesome job showing you how to do just that!

The Videos

Upon reviewing the videos, I can assure you that they are straight forward and easy to follow. There is no hoity-toity instructor acting holier than-thou as he attempts to impart some of his vast wisdom to you. No. This is more like watching a master at work – and not just by getting to glimpse over his shoulder and see what he is doing, but more like having him sit beside you and explain everything as he walks you through it.

Alen’s expertise readily comes across in these easy to follow videos and his valuable insight only wet my appetite for more.

Exclusive Members’ Area

The members’ area is well-laid out with an easy and natural flow. It is effortless to progress from one lesson onto the next, or to skip around to a different lesson of particular interest to you.

I’ve seen a lot of member areas before and this one outshines them all.

Money Back Guarantee

Alen believes in the product he created so much that he offers a money-back guarantee on it. Can’t find anything negative about that.

As you can see, The Commission Formula program is surprisingly huge and complex given its modest price-tag. We were really impressed with the quality and quantity of the information being taught.

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