Is Christian Counseling Right for Me?

Christian counseling completes the theories of secular psychology counseling. It transforms secular psychology, a pseudo science, into a real science. Christian counseling delivers a genuine workable system capable of healing the embedded scars found upon the deeply wounded souls of most human beings. Christian counseling is grounded in absolute values which,

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when embraced and actualized, produce the highest level of emotional wellness and joy. Unlike secular, non-faith based therapy, Christian therapy affirms Man is a creation and a child of God. He is the beloved son or daughter of an infinitely good Father Who is just in all His ways. It affirms man has been provided a wonderful set of moral precepts which if followed, and this is a very big ‘if’, will result in an intensely lived and wonderfully fulfilled life. It affirms man has been provided a wonderful creation in which to live, to explore and celebrate. It affirms man has been given a wonderful Savior Who makes it possible to obtain forgiveness and reconciliation with our Father in heaven and our fellows on earth. It affirms man has been given the hope and promise of an eternity of bliss filled with everlasting joy; and, even when one encounters difficulties, perhaps heartaches, the Christian counselor is properly equipped to help the counseled ‘understand what is happening’ in terms of God’s everlasting promises. Christian counseling thus infuses real meaning into what appears meaningless and real hope into what appears hopeless. Christian counseling integrates the study of the soul and the interlaced dynamics which play back and forth between the man and the spirit locked ‘inside’. It looks for the resolutions to life’s problems by examining the factors which grieves the soul and rips man into parts. It restores man from what he has become to what he was created to be. It restores to man that part of him which is godly, i. e., a keen awareness of the lord 心理輔導推薦 Jesus the Christ of Israel.

Secular, non faith based, psychology accomplishes none of these things. It offers none of these things. In fact, as ironic as it sounds, psychology, meaning, the “science of the soul or study of the soul”, rejects the very existence of the soul. It refuses to admit even the concept of the possible existence of the soul. It affirms man is but an animal. As the existential philosopher Sartre put it, “… man is but a useless passion. ” Godless psychology asserts the soul is but a myth and God is but a human idea which developed over time. Unfortunately, secular counseling stands under this same criticism. ‘Psychology’ minus the soul. How can this be? Imagine, for example, a mathematician rejecting the concept that there exists a variety of number theories or an electrical engineer who rejects the belief in electricity. This is impossible to imagine.

Christian counseling embraces both the scientific evidence regarding the mechanical operations of the brain and central nervous system and the experiential wisdom born out of a faith which only comes through the ‘observations’ of believers lives lived in Christ. Christian counseling is grounded in an awareness firmly imprinted into us by God that there are things which simply are right and wrong. Moreover this sense of right and wrong emanates from that deep self, the soul. Indeed, what keeps us busy at the Day Spring Center is the general failures of people to live rightly and in accordance with Biblical principles. Instead, we encounter people who have breached the covenant of their marriage, became addicted to drink or drugs, are rebellious to their parents, are sold out to vanity or fashion or greed or lust and so on. Clearly, these topics are soul topics. They are sin categories. It is the participation in these sinful acts which grind against the souls of mankind producing the myriads of ailments which counselors classify as depression, anxiety compulsive disorders and such like. These topics reside in the arena of the spiritual alone and are not the property of the secular psychologist or counselor.

The Christian counselor is called upon to analyze the outworked effect of sin in a client’s life and to prayerfully consider the remedy for the transgression. On a human level this is a responsibility which has no parallels. The counselor is offering advice which directly impinges upon the soul of the client, the very soul of his brother or sister!

So, is Christian counseling for you? If the issues discussed in this article apply to you the answer is a resounding, yes!

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